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We are a mortgage lead generation company offering exclusive marketing and internet mortgage leads for loan professionals seeking consumers in search of for competitive refinancing, house buying, cash out, home equity, bad credit lender solutions and superior mortgage leads direct. The Lead Planet provides real-time mortgage leads, from our proprietary optimization system online. We generate most of the qualified leads directly from our company websites as consumers find us on the search engines in addition to exclusive lender offers from TV, radio and direct mail. As a direct lead generation company, we are one of the few companies that offer exclusive and non-exclusive leads to increase sales for lenders, brokers and banks both locally and nationally. If you are looking to buy mortgage leads from a trusted source, then the Lead Planet is a great place to start.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads to Meet Your Lending Niches

About the Lead Planet - We created a stealth marketing company that connects consumers with mortgage lenders brokers and banks. was created to help loan officers, bankers, brokers, lenders and credit unions find an easier path to bridge consumers requesting help from mortgage professionals. For over two decades we have been providing high return marketing solutions which is why many consider us to be one of the best mortgage lead companies on the internet.

The Lead Planet has become an authority in the online mortgage lead arena as we generate all types of leads from our proprietary consumer websites.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads cost a bit more but there is less competition and less people calling on the prospect. Find out why many bankers, brokers and lenders have been choosing our lead company for two decades.

Non-Exclusive Mortgage Leads are also available and the leads are only sold 1-3 times. Shops with large sales teams continue to rave about our non-exclusive leads.

Choose from Internet Mortgage Leads, Voice Broadcasting Leads, TV and Direct Mail marketing campaigns that are custom created for specific industries in the financial sector.

As an experienced lead generation company, we have expanded our mortgage marketing capabilities significantly over the years. Lenders can increase their loan origination with a variety of marketing strategies like, internet mortgage leads, direct mail marketing and voice broadcasting technology for live-transfer leads. Our mortgage marketing lead campaigns perform significantly better than what most lead brokers provide because we generate our own leads online as consumers are coming directly to our websites looking for a company that can best facilitate a low rate loan. Remember, we are not mortgage marketing animals. We are lead-gen professionals that care about your company and your sales goals.

Qualified Online Mortgage Leads for Sale

Choose from search engine, hot live transfer or telemarketing lead options for: FHA leads, Debt leads, VA Streamline, Home Purchase leads, Refinance, Foreclosure, Real Estate or First Time Home Buyer Leads. Whether you need Exclusive, Real-Time or Hot Transfer Live Lead formats, Lead Planet can deliver high converting mortgage marketing by email or export them directly to your database or lead management system. We offer real-time mortgage leads for companies looking to benefit from our hot-transfer technology. Find out why many industry professionals consider us one of the best lead companies in the country.

Check Out LP Refinance Leads, FHA Leads & Credit Repair Lead Offers.

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How to Choose the Right Company to Partner with for Buying Online Mortgage Leads

  • Work with Companies that Generate Their Own Fresh Mortgage Leads
  • Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket (Buy mortgage marketing from multiple lead providers.)
  • Partner with Companies that Market to Your Lending Niches
  • Buy a Mix of Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Mortgage Leads
  • Make Sure You Buy Enough Internet Mortgage Leads for Your Sales Team

Lead Planet guarantees quality mortgage leads nationally with exclusive lead options for real time live transfer calls designed for mortgage professionals and companies looking to increase conversions.

Lead Planet Offers Quality Home Loan Leads, Refinance and Debt Leads for Less

We are the premiere direct lead company offering internet mortgage leads to lenders, brokers and bankers nationwide. Find out why so many lending companies are buying credit repair leads in addition to mortgage marketing services from the Lead Planet.

Our marketing team is excited to announce that we are now selling mortgage relief leads for brokers and lenders looking to help homeowners renegotiate the interest rate and terms of their existing liens.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA finally agreed on raising loan limits, so take advantage of the increased volume of refinance and home buyer application from the FHA mortgage lead source you can trust.

We provide thousands of lending professionals with fresh quality home mortgage leads. Our primary goal is to offer you cost-effective qualified mortgage leads that will increase your closings.

The Lead Planet receives applications direct from homeowners and house buying prospects online. We execute superior mortgage lead generation by fielding lending requests that have various credit types like, excellent, good, fair and poor. Whether you need good credit conventional leads or bad credit sub-prime loan request, we provide premium leads that can help your business grow cost effectively.

We generate lending requests that have various credit types like, excellent, good, fair and poor. Whether you need good credit conventional leads or bad credit sub-prime loan request, we provide premium leads that can help your business grow cost effectively.

Our lead generation system allows us to offer custom filters for the nations' largest lenders and federally charted banks, as well as many smaller brokers. Lead Planet is managed by a knowledgeable, well trained sales team with over 20 years of experience of mortgage marketing online!

Lead Planet offers all of the following types of leads below.

Subprime Leads
FHA Leads
Purchase Lead
Loan Modification Leads
Mortgage Refinance Leads
HARP Leads
Excellent Credit Lead
Fair Credit Lead
Live Mortgage Leads
"A Paper" Mortgage
2nd Mortgage Leads
Debt Consolidation Lead
VA Home Loan Leads
Debt Settlement Leads
1st Time Homebuyer Leads
Good Credit Lead
Credit Repair Leads
Streamline Leads

Americans want access to cash and our refinancing leads are a great first step for homeowners to find a lender to help them finance cash in a home mortgage. Applicants continue to submit loan requests at records levels online for refinancing, home equity, debt consolidation and home financing. Find out why our mortgage broker leads perform so well compared to other lead companies.

Target the Right Borrowers with Lead Planet Custom Filters that We Set Up Around Your Company's Mortgage Niches!

Call 888-271-9581 and Start Getting Leads that Convert with Your Lending Strengths!

Take advantage of high conversions realized with the ability to more precisely target borrowers. The Lead Planet Company provides quality mortgage leads that you can count on for increased production every month! VA Leads are available for VA lenders and brokers looking for VA purchase, VA refinance and VA streamline leads.

Refinance Mortgage Leads – We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive refinance leads in all 50 states. Choose between conventional, government and jumbo refinance leads. We provide real-time and same day internet mortgage leads that are guaranteed to improve your contact rates while increasing your closings monthly. . > Why Mortgage Lenders Should Target Homeowners that have Home Loans with PMI.

Home Equity Leads - Many homeowners like to leverage their equity and get cash out without refinancing their 1st mortgage. Why not add a revenue stream to your loan origination by selling equity loan programs.

As you know there is no shortage of credit card debt. Many homeowners have several debt relief options with bankruptcy, debt settlement and secured bill consolidation. You may be able to help these homeowners get rid of their credit card debt with Debt Consolidation Leads that help increase your loan volume!

2nd Mortgage Leads - Take advantage of working second mortgage leads that are less competitive than traditional loans. You will be competing with less brokers and lenders because there are not that many companies that offer 2nd loan programs in this new financial era!

Purchase Leads - After the dust settled from the housing crisis, consumers have been blessed with many home buying bargains. First time home buyers can buy a home with a little down and rates have fallen to record lows. Take advantage of home purchase leads that are available in the states you are licensed in.

Credit Repair Leads - We strongly suggest adding additional revenue stream to your lending business. When you help loan prospects improve the credit score, they typically show some loyalty and helps you expand your purchase money business for the long term. > Why Mortgage Brokers Are Offering Credit Repair Services in 2020.

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The Lead Planet provides the highest quality online leads for loan officers, lenders, banks and brokers across the country. We get results with internet mortgage leads, direct marketing and live transfer leads from online consumers seeking home financing advice.

Get signed up now before the mortgage lead prices increase.

Online Mortgage Leads

We are the only mortgage lead generation company that gives you complete control over your lead program. Close more loans with result driven mortgage marketing.

Mortgage, debt, and refinance leads filter into a proprietary database that sorts and delivers the leads that convert into fundings for you!

Lead Planet has been a leader for mortgage marketing for the last decade. We have a simple policy that mandates that we generate all our own mortgage leads in-house. We do not buy broker leads and we do not sell our mortgage leads to lead brokers either. We eliminate the high-pressure sales when you buy mortgage leads from our team online.

The Home Affordable Refinance Programs provides a new opportunity for homeowners who are upside down with a mortgage greater than their property value. Get signed up for these HARP mortgage leads and expand your loan arsenal.

Leads are available in multiple states for licensed loan professionals. Consider the pros and cons of buying exclusive qualified mortgage leads.

The Lead Planet can help your loan officers increase their conversion ratios on internet leads. Get advice from the online mortgage lead experts.

Comparing Exclusive to Non-Exclusive Mortgage Leads - Which type of lead best suits your budget and sales team?

Why Buying FHA Mortgage Leads Makes Sense

Why Mortgage Lenders Should Invest in Purchase Leads

Choosing the Right States When It Comes to Buying Home Loan Leads Online

These are real-time mortgage leads that come directly from consumers online.

Our lead quote system allows you to select loan type, credit type, state, minimum loan amounts, LTV, etc.

Our custom lead process begins, with the filters that you set up with your account, and configure into our database, so the sorting of leads can begin. At this point, the borrower completes our loan application, and if their data meets your criteria, then a qualified mortgage lead notification will be emailed to you.

Popular Mortgage Leads by State

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  • New York

Take advantage of the purchase market with Home Loan Leads that perform.

Qualifying Mortgage Leads - Lending guidelines saw some drastic changes in 2020. Learn more about qualifying mortgage leads

Live Transfer Mortgage Leads Convert Better - When a prospect is transferred to a loan officer after they apply for a loan online good things happen. There are right ways and wrong ways to buy mortgage leads. There are right ways and wrong ways to buy mortgage leads.

5 Valuable Tips to Best Work Internet Mortgage Leads

Why Partnering with the Right Lead Company is Vital

What Lenders Should Do with Bad Credit Mortgage Leads

How Companies Succeed with Home Equity Leads

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