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Mortgage Lead Generation
Mortgage Lead Generation

Internet Mortgage Leads

Online Lead Generation for Mortgage Companies

We are an experienced lead company that specializes in internet mortgage leads. With our organic SEO technology, the Lead Planet is able to provide a level of quality and service that other online mortgage lead companies are unable to provide. Internet mortgage lead generation is a hot commodity in the lending industry because it provides a higher quality mortgage leads that converts faster and more cost-effectively. Lenders and brokers like internet mortgage leads because they are cost-effective. Lending companies like Lead Planet online mortgage leads because their loan officers actually get a hold of the loan applicants. Our company was created because of our ability to generate a high volume of quality internet mortgage leads.

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Our internet marketing team can configure a unique mortgage marketing strategy that meets your financial and advertising needs by producing online mortgage leads. The Lead Planet has focused on following Google, Yahoo and Bing's SEO rules and match our technologies with organic search engine optimization. With our proprietary internet mortgage lead system, we connect borrowers with loan professionals seamlessly online to minimize the loan shopping process and to maximize our customer's experience online. With over two decades of experience generating internet mortgage leads, we have a proven system for high converting marketing campaigns for lending professionals.

Top 7 Reasons for Lenders to Buy Internet Mortgage Leads

If you want to increase your mortgage lending business, how do you choose the best company and what are the best reasons to buy leads? Learn more below!

#1 Good Pricing

If you are on a limited budget, there are mortgage lead companies out there that may be able to help you. Some mortgage lead companies will have minimum deposit requirements, which is typically $500 or so. Buying mortgage leads can be a great use of your marketing dollars.

#2 Quality Lead Generation

The best companies get fresh mortgage leads to their customers every day. Note that some of the less reputable companies will recycle the same leads over and over. They most likely buy their leads in high quantity from other companies. You should ask carefully if the leads they are selling you have ever been sold before. The best mortgage leads have a strong likelihood of being closed, so are a great marketing buy.

#3 Good Return Policy

You want to work with a lead company with an easy return policy, and the best companies are easy to work with on this point.

#4 High Quality

The best lead companies have high quality internet leads. Just getting a high number of leads does not mean that you are getting much for your money. If you get 50 new leads and most of them are old, the odds are you will close few of them. On the other hand, if you spend just $100 and get five new leads, you will probably have a better closing ratio. More closing means more money for you.

#5 Cherry Picking

Good mortgage lead businesses allow you to go into their site and view the lead before you buy it. Some of the very best sites will allow you to even see how often it has been sold.

#6 Great Customer Service

If you are working with a good company, you will like dealing with them on the phone. The best way to get a feel for their customer service is to talk to their agents on the phone. If you have trouble getting a person on the phone, you may want to get another lead company.

#7 Exclusive Leads

If you want the very best mortgage leads with the best chance of closing, you will buy exclusive mortgage leads. This lead will only be sold to you and you are not competing with anyone else. On the other hand, nonexclusive leads will be sold at least three times.

As you are thinking about which leads to buy, you need to think about which type of leads you are going to buy. Should you buy first time purchase leads or refinance leads? Should they be real time leads or should they be aged a few weeks? Are the leads shared with others or are they just for you? Also, you should ask where the leads came from. Which websites were used? What kind of copy was on the ads that they clicked? What sources of traffic did they use? Lastly, ask about the source of the leads. Did the company generate all of their leads or did they buy them?

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