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Mortgage Lead Generation
Mortgage Lead Generation

Subprime Mortgage Leads

We offer challenged credit and subprime mortgage leads. Sure, mortgage guidelines have tightened, but many borrowers who had to take out bad credit refinance loans a few years ago have higher credit scores and they need a low rate refinance. Many FHA lenders have good success with our subprime mortgage lead quotes. Many house finance insiders believe that the subprime mortgage market will rebound in 2020 and 2021 as the housing sector surges. If you are a sub prime lender or broker looking to finance people with less than perfect credit, we can help. The Lead Planet has cleared a path for loan companies to find subprime leads that have a high contact and application rate. With so many homeowners still possess bad credit, the demand for subprime leads continues to soar. Take advantage of our proven leads for subprime lending programs.

Subprime Mortgage Leads

If you are searching for a niche to make your company more profitable, consider adding private money and non-prime mortgage programs to your portfolio. The Lead Planet has been harvesting sub-prime mortgage leads that have helped hundreds of lenders and brokers succeed. Subprime loan leads cover a broad spectrum of people with poor credit, no equity, income documentation concerns, non-traditional home types, non-conforming properties and more.

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