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Mortgage Lead Generation
Mortgage Lead Generation

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge per lead?

The price per lead will vary depending upon filters and volume. We can customize a marketing program that will match your specific criteria. Call for more information regarding pricing. Volume discounts may apply.

Where does the Lead Planet generate its leads?

The Lead Planet is a direct lead source that generates all their leads via the internet. Consumers and homeowners visit our proprietary websites online and complete a form online at no charge.

What are the most crucial steps to increase closing ratios leads from

It is imperative that you follow up with the applicants quickly. It also doesn't hurt to be friendly, and a good listener. Be competitive, and don't Bait & Switch. Besides being illegal & dishonest, customers don't appreciate it, and you will never get referrals with these tactics.

When you complete your 1003, ask the "key questions" & find out ways you can meet your borrower's needs.

Can we filter by zip codes or cities?

No. Currently, our only filters are state specific.

Can I look at the leads & select the leads that I like, before I buy them?

No. We will work with you to set up appropriate filters so that you will receive leads that you can qualify & close.

How many lenders will be sold the same lead?

1-3 lenders (in total) will receive the leads.

Do the leads include Social Security numbers?

Because of privacy policies, we do not collect borrower's Social Security numbers.

Are mortgage leads exclusive?

We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive campaigns. Of course, our exclusive lead program is only sold to one lending company. Please see your LP account manager to discuss pricing on exclusive and non-exclusive lead campaigns.

What happens if I receive a fake lead?

The Lead Planet will credit or refund all bogus leads with no questions asked.

What is the minimum order?

You can get you started with a $300 order of leads.

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