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3 Things Lenders Should Do with Bad Credit Mortgage Leads

Occasionally, you may have an interested mortgage lead you'll find does not qualify for a mortgage with your company, but this doesn't mean that these leads should be thrown out or deemed worthless. Those with bad credit will still want, or need, to purchase homes before their credit is able to be completely repaired, and there are things that you can do with these leads after you've found that they are unable to qualify for a mortgage with you.

3 things lenders should do with bad credit mortgage leads are:

  1. Expand your offerings – If you're able to expand your mortgage offerings to include government, subprime, and hard money programs, you can take advantage of these bad credit leads by offering them a mortgage they may be able to qualify for. There are mortgage programs available to those with bad credit specifically, and expanding into these markets can allow you to take advantage of these leads in a new way when they are found unable to qualify for a typical mortgage with your company. This type of expansion will allow you to originate loans that these leads may be able to qualify for, thus turning even these leads into closures. Ask about hard-money, subprime and FHA loan leads.
  2. Credit repair company referrals – If you are able to partner with a credit repair company and receive paid referrals, you can still profit from leads that were found unable to qualify for a mortgage due to bad credit. These individuals will want to repair their credit, especially if they are in the market for a new home, and referring them to a credit repair company will provide them with the resources to do just that. With paid referrals, each borrower you refer will be able to provide you with some type of profit, thereby allowing you to make use of leads who may not be able to close with you.
  3. Partner with another lender for bad credit leads – There are lenders out there who specialized in the niche of bad credit borrowers, and partnering with one of these lenders can help you to make profitable use out of these leads who may not be able to qualify for one of your mortgages. Within this partnership, you may be able to refer these leads to a bad credit mortgage lender, as they can refer those who may be a better fit for one of your mortgages to you.
Bad Credit Mortgage Leads

Those with bad credit, or with credit which is still in the process of being built, will often still require new homes and mortgages. When faced with a lead who cannot quality for one of your mortgages due to bad credit, there are things that can be done with the situation to allow both parties to walk away happy; the borrower is able to repair their credit or qualify for a different mortgage, and the lender can still profit from their efforts. By making use of these leads in a different way, the return on the lead investment can still be improved.

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