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The Lead Planet company provides quality mortgage loan modification leads nationally with options for Hot phone transferred calls designed for lending professionals look to help homeowners prevent foreclosures. Foreclosure and loan modification inquiries continue to rise. Get helpful advice on how to handle "turn-down" applicants with fresh quality modification leads and help homeowners prevent foreclosure. In most cases this type of lead is cheaper and thus more cost effective. Find out how mortgage companies have been succeeding with our loan mod leads.

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Please note that we generate one hundred percent of our own loan modification leads! We do not buy note modification leads from a broker and then resell the leads to you. Lead Planet does not offer foreclosure prevention or debt relief services, but we offer leads that many loan modification companies have succeeded with. Many alternative finance companies have done well with short sale leads and foreclosure leads directly from the homeowners inquiring online.

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Refinance Leads – Close more loans each month by adding FHA leads to your marketing mix.  Don't miss out on the refinance boom because interest rates will rise.  Close more refinance loans while the borrowers are motivated.  Whether your borrower needs help renegotiating or refinancing, the Lead Planet Company has you covered.

Home Loan Leads - With payment defaults spinning out of control, home mortgage, purchase leads and foreclosure leads are more popular than ever. People are buying these bank owned properties rapidly. FHA has also made sure there are plenty of incentives for first time homebuyers to purchase property with FHA loans.

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